Software Update Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Here is the complete guide about How to Update the software of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom android phone. Download and install the latest Android version for free.

You can update software via settings menu or computer having Samsung Smart switch software.


Backup your data before the software update.


The software update may cause data loss on your mobile. So backup your Samsung mobile data before update. Here is a complete guide about How to Backup Android Data.



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Software Update Via Settings Menu

This is the simplest way to update the software of Samsung android phone without any software and tools. This method downloads and installs the latest Android version.


Requirements to Software Update

  • Above 50% battery charge.
  • High-speed internet connection (Because You may need to download big files).


Follow these steps to Update Samsung software.

  • Go to settings from home screen.

Samsung Home screen settings

  • Then select the Software update from the settings menu (If you will not see software update option, Select about phone and check).

Samsung Settings app

  • Then tap on Download updates manually option.

Samsung Software update in settings

  • Wait for a while and you will see the latest software (If available) to update.
  • Then click on Download button.

Samsung Software Update download Page

  • You can also directly go to the software download page via notification bar, please pull down the notification bar and press the “Software Update” to start the upgrade operation.
  • Wait until software to be downloaded.
  • After downloading completed, Then click on the Install button.
  • Wait for a while, You phone will be rebooted.
  • Now software update success on your Samsung phone.
  • You can also Schedule software update process. You can set time when you want to install this update.


Samsung Scheduled Software update

  • And also check the last update date and information by tapping Last update information option.

Samsung last software update information


Note: You can also download updates automatically by turn on the Download Updates automatically option.

Also, check out this guide any Samsung Phone Software Update if your mobile has different options.




Software Update with Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch is a software developed by the Samsung company. It is used to transfer files (Photos, contacts, and Apps, etc) from phone to PC, Backup Samsung phone data and Restore Samsung mobile data.


Samsung Smart switch software


To use this software on Windows, you must need

  • A Samsung Android phone with Android version 4.3 or later
  • Laptop or PC with Windows XP or Windows 7, or Windows 8.1, or Windows 10.
  • RAM: 1GB or higher
  • CPU must be Pentium 4; 2.4 GHz or higher.
  • Screen Resolution must be 1024 x 768 (600), 32 bit or higher.
  • Windows Media Player version 11 or later.


To use this software on Mac, you must need

  • A Samsung Android phone with Android version 4.3 or later
  • Or Apple iPhone with iOS version 4.2.1 or later.
  • Mac PC with Mac OS X® 10.6 or later.
  • CPU must be Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz or higher
  • RAM must be 1GB or higher
  • Screen resolution: 1280 x 800
  • Android file transfer application installed on your computer or Laptop.


Download Samsung Smart Switch

Here is the complete guide about Samsung smart switch and Free download links available.


Download Samsung Smart Switch


Connect Mobile to Computer

  • First, Download Samsung smart switch and Install on your PC or Laptop.
  • Then, connect your Android phone to computer via USB.
  • Allow your computer device to install any drivers on your mobile. This operation takes some time.
  • Open Samsung smart switch on pc.
  • Then click on allow option in your phone.

Samsung Smart Switch Welcome

  • After that, click on Download smart switch button (If you didn’t install Smart switch app).

Donwload Samsung smart switch app for phone

  • Now, Smart switch app is downloading.

Downloading smart switch app

  • Then, Click on Open Smart Switch option on the phone.


Open smart switch app on phone

  • Now, You have successfully connected Samsung smart switch app to the PC.



Update Phone Software

You can easily update your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom mobile software with a smart switch. You can see the update button on home screen If a new software version is available.

  • Click on the Update button.
  • You can check the latest software details here. Then click on the continue button.

Software update samsung smart switch

  • Please read all the points here. After that click on All confirmed button.

Software update confirm samsung smart switch

  • After downloading process completed. You mobile will be restarted.
  • Software update process completed on your mobile.



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