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You can Hard Reset any Electronic Device with this site. And also unlock your mobile or PC when you forgot password or pattern lock.

We have Reset and Unlock methods of Android devices, Windows devices, and Mac devices, etc.


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Hard Reset

Hard reset, also known as a factory reset or master reset, is the restoration of a device to the state it was in when it left the factory.Hard reset is the fastest and easiest way to wipe it all off Data from your device.

Do you want to Hard Reset android mobile? Or Are you facing mobile slow down issues?

The most common reasons for restoring factory conditions are fixing a dysfunctional device or removing user data before the device is sold or disposed of or returned to the manufacturer.

Reset wipe all your device data like Apps, Music files, and Settings etc. So before resetting backup all your mobile data.

When You Have To Hard Reset Your Device

  • Forgotten Mobile Lock
  • Forgotten Security Screen Lock Code
  • If Your Phone works much slower
  • You wanna Erase All Data From mobile
  • Forgotten Security Password
  • Forgotten Pattern Lock
  • Forgotten User Code
  • If Your Phone Seems Frozen Due To Any Cases.

This process will erase all your  phone data like media files, contacts, and apps, etc. You must back up your phone data to prevent data loss. And you must charge your phone battery above 50%.



What is Recovery Mode?

Android Recovery Mode is an independent and lightweight runtime environment that is included on a separate partition from the main Android operating system on the Android device.

Which allows you to Wipe data or factory reset, Reboot system and update software, etc without entering into your phone.

You can enter into recovery mode without password or pattern lock or PIN.

You can use this option if you want to unlock your phone, Update phone software from SD card and Reboot to speed up your phone, etc.

Acer Recovery Mode



Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is the tool which is used to Reset and Unlock any Android Phone without Password. You can also reset Password, Pattern Lock, PIN, Gesture Lock, and Facelock, etc.

With Android Multi Tools, you can

  • Reset Face/PIN lock
  • Reset Face/Gesture lock
  • Reset Gmail
  • Wipe Data
  • Reboot
  • Wipe data/cache on fast boot mode
  • Software and Hardware info




Unlock you Android Mobile when you forgot password or pattern lock. Here we provide all methods to unlock your Android mobile without the password.

We are also providing Android tool to Unlock password or PIN. This tool helps you Reset password, Pattern lock, Gesture lock, Gmail, face lock and Wipe data and cache, etc.

Before Unlock your mobile, must charge your phone battery above 50%, You must Remove sims and SD card.



Secret Codes

Secret codes for Android mobile operating system. If you are not aware of any signs it is advisable not to run it. Most codes are for advanced users only.

If you use any Android phone, you already know about all the options supported by this platform, but there are some tricks you may not know.

Secret codes are codes that can access hidden or secret menu (such as display information, testing hardware, and software, etc). These codes help you to speed up the process.




A reboot is a process of restarting the electronic device. Reboot closes all running applications on your device. Reboot will not delete or wipe any personal data like photos, apps, and contacts, etc.

Reboots can be either “Hard” where the power to the system (phone) is physically turned off and back on again or “Soft” where the system or phone restarts without the need to interrupt the power.

Why need to Reboot Your Phone

  • You can speed up your mobile device.
  • A reboot is necessary when you install the software update or install any other software or app etc.
  • You can clear temporary cache data.



Fast Boot

Fastboot is the alternative method for Recovery mode for doing installations and Update. Fast boot is a tool / protocol to write data directly to your phone’s flash memory. In practical use, it can be used to flash images such as recoveries, bootloaders, and kernels to your Android device.

Fastboot can do very little without a rooted device and an engineering SPL (a secondary program loader), meaning the bootloader.



Software Update

Software Update is a free and instant informer special for users who care about keeping their application up to date with new functions and better performance.

Update your phone software to the latest version. Software updates often include software patches. They cover the security holes to keep hackers out from your device. The system update or software update cannot be stopped once it starts. And if you force to end update, it might damage your phone. We suggest you not to try it.

Before the update, Your phone battery must be above 50% and must have an active internet connection.

Why you must update your phone software.

  1. To Speed up your Android device and fix slow down issues.
  2. Software update helps keep hackers out.
  3. To get new features or better compatibility and remove outdated ones.
  4. Protect your phone from the latest threats.



Back Up Data

Nowadays people depend on their smartphones every day and losing the data those devices contain can be as disastrous as suffering through a hard drive crash on a proper PC. That’s why it’s important that you back up your phone as regularly and carefully on your device.

Hence you can back up content, data, and the setting’s from your Android device on your google account. You can restore your backed up information to the original device or another android device.

Backing up most of your data is actually a lot easier with Google, and it’s been a lot easier over the last few years. Unfortunately, there is no one-stop backup method for Android phones by Google, but there are ways to back up a variety of data

Why need to Backup your data?

You must back up your phone data to prevent data loss. There is a number of ways and apps available to backup Android data.



Flash File

Stock ROM

Stock ROMs are the ones which come by default in Android Devices like phones and tablets etc. These are customized versions of Android developed by manufacturers (Like Google etc) and carriers to let users stick to their devices with unique looks and features. All the “out-of-the-box” smartphones or tablets or other devices are all shipped with stock ROM.

Before the Flashing, Your phone battery must be above 50% .

The Following Data will be deleted after Flashing the ROM

  • Media files (Photos, Videos, and Music files, etc)
  • Contacts
  • Downloaded Apps
  • System and app data
  • App settings
  • Google and other accounts